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Laser wheel alignment in Brockley

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Dundalk Motors London – Laser wheel alignment in Brockley

Do you ever feel your car veer to the side when you’re driving? Or notice your tyres wear quicker than they should? If so, you may need to have your car wheels aligned. Wheel alignment, or tracking, is something that should be maintained regularly. Simply bumping over a kerb or into a pothole can affect the alignment of your wheels.

At Dundalk Motors London in Brockley, we offer wheel alignment services while you wait. We have the latest technology to make sure that your wheels are where they need to be. We will position your wheels in line with your manufacturer’s specification so that you will get the best of your tyres and fuel economy.

Of course, when you buy tyres from us and have them fitted, we’ll make sure the wheel alignment is correct so that you get the most out of your tyres. When you book an appointment with us, one of our friendly team will check your wheels with our high-tech equipment and we’ll let you know if there are any problems. We’ll do the realignment to the exact specification of your vehicle and have your car back to full working order in no time.

When to Align Your Wheels

We recommend getting your wheels aligned every 3 months in order to get the most from your tyres. Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and you won’t get far without them. By maintaining your wheels regularly you can increase the lifespan of your tyres and the pounds in your pocket. Common signs that your wheels may need to be realigned include steering vibration, your vehicle pulling and less grip on the road than usual. It’s a simple process to realign your wheels and can be done quickly while you wait.

Wheel Alignment Terminology

It can often be confusing when you bring your car in for wheel realignment and you aren’t sure what’s wrong. It can be so simple for misalignment to occur and even the smallest bump or knock can cause it. There’s no need to worry though, as it’s a simple process to fix to get your wheels back to their best.

Wheel alignment involves checking the angle and direction of your wheels. If we describe your wheel alignment as toe in or out, it means that the angle of the wheel is incorrect and facing too far in or out. A negative or positive camber is another term and it describes the tilt of the wheel. If we discover that your wheels have either of these issues, it’s very simple to realign.

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